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Streamlining Incident and Crisis Management

Welcome to the ServoDesk Agile Service Desk, tailored for government departments and organisations navigating rapid changes.

Adapt Quickly with Agile Service Management

Our agile service management approach is designed to help you swiftly adapt to new working practices or software applications, ensuring smooth transitions during times of change.

What Is Agile Service Management?

Agile service management is a forward-thinking concept that empowers organisations and government departments to manage transitions effectively, especially when faced with the need for rapid changes. It's about being flexible, responsive, and able to adapt to new challenges with ease.

Quick Setup, Easy Adoption

The ServoDesk Agile Service Desk stands out for its quick and easy configuration, tailored to meet your exact needs. It can be operational in just a few hours, featuring a logical and user-friendly interface that minimises the need for extensive training.

Plus, with variable contracts, the service desk can be scaled down or retired just as quickly once transition-related issues have been resolved. This agility makes it an ideal choice for projects with varying timelines and is readily available via the G Cloud digital marketplace.

Key Features of ServoDesk Agile Service Desk

Incident/Application Support

Efficiently manage incidents and provide support for applications to ensure continuous operation

Crisis Management

Quickly respond to and manage crises, minimising impact on your operations

Problem and Change Management

Identify, track, and resolve problems while managing changes smoothly within your organisation

Task Management

Organise and prioritise tasks efficiently for better workflow and productivity

Business Automation Engine

Automate repetitive tasks and processes, saving time and reducing errors

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

Define and adhere to service level agreements, ensuring consistent and reliable service delivery

Management Information Reports

Gain insights into your service desk operations with comprehensive reporting

Third-Party Integration with API

Seamlessly integrate with other systems and applications via API for a unified workflow

Email Integration

Simplify communication and incident logging through direct email integration

G Cloud Government Framework

Purchase easily and quickly through the G Cloud government framework, ensuring compliance and accessibility

Fast Setup Time

Get your service desk up and running in hours, not days or weeks

Flexible Contract Length

Choose a contract length that matches your transition period, offering flexibility and adaptability

Hear from our clients

Join a community of satisfied customers who have transformed their help desk operations with ServoDesk.

Why Choose ServoDesk Agile Service Desk?

Choosing the ServoDesk Agile Service Desk means opting for a solution that's not only efficient and adaptable but also specifically designed for entities facing rapid changes or implementing new systems. Its ease of setup, comprehensive feature set, and flexible contracting make it an ideal choice for government departments and organisations looking to stay agile in the face of change.

Some of our clients

Discover the ServoDesk Agile Service Desk

With our solution, you can ensure smooth transitions, maintain operational continuity, and adapt to new challenges with confidence. Let ServoDesk support you in becoming more agile and responsive in today's fast-paced environment.