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Modernise Your Facilities Management

Welcome to Welcome to ServoDesk FM (Facilities Management), your solution for keeping up with the demands of modern working environments. Our platform empowers you to manage, allocate, and optimise office resources efficiently, enhancing productivity while controlling costs.

Efficient Management of Daily Issues

Efficiently running a busy office facility or factory requires attention to the myriad of small issues that arise every day. Whether it's a blown bulb in a meeting room, a security risk from a broken window, or a leaking pipe, ServoDesk ensures nothing is overlooked.

Our service management software excels in logging incidents, assigning them to the right workflow or individual, scheduling, and ensuring they are completed efficiently—with thorough monitoring and reporting throughout the process.

Your Privacy, Our Priority

When you share your information with us, we use it solely to keep you informed about our products and services. Your privacy matters to us, and our privacy policy details how we protect your data

Proactive and Reactive Facilities Management

With ServoDesk, you can seamlessly integrate planned maintenance tasks into your workflow, enabling a proactive approach to facilities management. This ensures that your facilities management program is not just reactive but also anticipates and prevents potential issues before they occur.

Key Benefits of ServoDesk Facilities Management

Comprehensive Incident Management

Log and track every incident, no matter how small, ensuring it's addressed promptly and efficiently

Workflow Optimisation

Assign incidents to the appropriate workflows or individuals for attention, streamlining the resolution process

Scheduled Maintenance

Integrate planned maintenance tasks into your workflow, ensuring a proactive approach to facilities management

Monitoring and Reporting

Keep track of incidents and maintenance tasks with full monitoring during the process and detailed reporting afterwards

Cost Control and Productivity Improvement

Manage and optimise office resources effectively to control costs and boost productivity.

Hear from our clients

Join a community of satisfied customers who have transformed their help desk operations with ServoDesk.

Rich Features, Quick Implementation

ServoDesk Service Management software is not just feature-rich and highly configurable; it's also designed for quick deployment across multiple departments. This means you can expect low implementation costs and a rapid return on investment, making ServoDesk an ideal choice for businesses looking to enhance their facilities management practices.

Why Choose ServoDesk for Facilities Management?

Opting for ServoDesk Facilities Management means you're choosing a partner committed to enhancing the efficiency and productivity of your office or factory. With our comprehensive solution, you can ensure that every aspect of your facilities management is handled with precision, from incident logging to maintenance scheduling.

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Discover the ServoDesk Facilities Management Difference

With our streamlined solution, you can focus on what really matters—running a productive, cost-effective operation. Let ServoDesk help you modernise your facilities management and achieve excellence in your workplace.