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Handle Employee Relations with Ease and Compliance

Introducing the ServoDesk HR, your go-to solution for managing employee relations effectively while staying compliant with legal requirements.

ServoDesk HR Helpdesk

Our user-friendly Case Management system is here to support you through everything from quick queries to handling complex issues like grievances and disciplinary procedures.

Your Data, Our Responsibility

When you share your details with us, we take the responsibility to use your data only to get in touch about our products and services. Your privacy is important to us, and our privacy policy has all the details on how we care for your information.

Simplifying Employee Relations

With ServoDesk HR, managing employee relations becomes straightforward. Our platform is designed to assist you in various HR tasks, ensuring you manage them with the best practices in mind.

Features That Make a Difference

HR Investigations

Organise and carry out HR investigations effectively

Grievances and Arbitrations

Keep track of employee grievances and arbitration processes easily

Employee Improvement Plans (PIPs)

Support employee performance improvement with structured plans

Corporate Restructuring

Manage changes in your organisation smoothly

Tasks and Reminders

Stay organised with tasks and reminders for all your activities

Reporting Made Easy

Use our ready-made reports or create custom ones to gain insights.

Customisable to Your Needs

Tailor the system to fit your organisation's specific requirements

Cloud-Based Convenience

Access our GDPR-compliant platform anywhere, without any installation hassle.

Hear from our clients

Join a community of satisfied customers who have transformed their help desk operations with ServoDesk.

Why Choose ServoDesk HR Helpdesk?

Choosing ServoDesk means you're not just getting a case management tool; you're enhancing your HR operations to be more efficient, cost-effective, and compliant. Our platform simplifies employee relations management, allowing you to focus on nurturing and supporting your workforce.

Some of our clients

Discover the ServoDesk HR Helpdesk Difference

With our solution, you can streamline your HR processes, ensure compliance, and boost employee satisfaction. Let ServoDesk help you manage the complexities of employee relations with simplicity and confidence.